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Tuesday, October 23, 2018



The theory of chronogeny (generating time) aims to demonstrate the existence of time. This theory is based on Astronomy.

1- Time had its origin in the big bang.
2- The large telescopes allow us to observe now how the stars were in the past.
3- The past of the stars is real, that's what Astronomy is based on.
4- The sunlight takes 8 minutes to reach Earth.
5- The light of the Alpha Centauri star takes 4.2 years to reach Earth.
6- For Albert Einstein, we do not perceive things, but the light they reflect.
7- A spacecraft travels to the past.
8- The life of the human being is too short to realize the changes that have occurred in the stars.
9- On Earth we only see things as they are in the present. For this reason, for many people time does not exist.
10- Let's look at the sky and discover that there is time.

Elvis Sibilia

Thursday, October 18, 2018



Time intervals are duration and chronology. Time is the interval between two asimultaneous* moments. The space intervals are length and distance.
* Term created by Sibilia.

The following diagram allows us to know time.

Thursday, October 4, 2018


Think of a clock with an additional hand for the months.


The °S measures the time between two different positions of the same hand.

For example :

270° S at s = 45 s
270° S at m = 45 m
270° S at hour = 9 hours
270° S at month = 9 months

Saturday, June 16, 2018



Time is a physical magnitude that affects all reality, but we do not have a specific sense to perceive the intervals. This makes each person get a different idea about the nature of time. There is no consensus on what time is.

1- Heraclitus of Ephesus (philosopher): becoming flows like a river, it is the Being.
2- Parmenides of Elea (philosopher): there are no changes, there is no time.
3- Aristotle of Estagira (philosopher): time exists when movement involves a number.
4- Galileo Galilei (physicist): movement is relative. If A moves with respect to B, B moves with respect to A.
5- Isaac Newton (physicist): time is real and absolute.
6- Immanuel Kant (philosopher): time is an a priori form.
7- Albert Einstein (physicist): time is an illusion and relative.
8- Henri Bergson (philosopher): rejected mathematical time.
9- Martin Heidegger (philosopher): time is the being-there or dasein, time is temporary.
10- Julian Barbour (physicist): time does not exist.
11- Paul Davies (physicist): defends the unidirectionality or arrow of time.
12- José Ignacio Latorre (physicist): time is a parameter that relates two movements.
13- Lee Smolin (physicist): time is real.
14- Bradford Skow (philosopher): past, present and future coexist in the universe.
15- David Eagleman (neurobiologist): time is invented by the brain.
16- Elvis Sibilia (psychologist): time is magnitive, that is, objective, imperceptible and measurable.

Meaning of colors:

Blue: time exists (5)
Black: intermediate (5)
Red: time does not exist (6)


The Diagram of duration is the union between phenomena and time.



The adjustment is the union of several pieces or elements that fit perfectly together.

..CIENCE ................ PURPOSE
Psychology .......... personal adjustment
Logic ................... reason adjustment
Philochrony ......... adjustment of chromnesia*
Mechanics ........... adjustment of the progress of a car
Watchmaking ...... clocks adjustment

* The chromnesia is the mental clock that allows us:

a) Relate several time intervals.
b) Relate several time uses.
c) Visualize or understand the nature of time.

Computer science is the responsible for the adjustment of programs in a system of computers.

Ethics is responsable for the adjustment of criminals and inmoral people.

Psychology, Logic, Philochrony and Ethics are sciences 
of the human adjustment.

Mechanics, Clockmaking and Computer science are sciences
of the technological adjustment.

Elvis Sibilia